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    Interior decoration case of resin panel in high grade club

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      Resin decorative panel is a new type of artificial decorative panel, it has a variety of colors and patterns, decorative effect can make people dizzy, and has excellent flame retardant performance, sound insulation, anti impact, anti yellowing, anti deformation, anti chemical corrosion, high surface hardness, can be designed in any shape. Because of the unique advantages of resin veneer, more and more owners choose it to decorate!


      Recently, the interior decoration material of a large club in Foshan is the carving hy609-4a customized by Dehao factory, with simple and natural grid texture and concave convex three-dimensional texture. Let's enjoy it together!


      The elevator wall of the club, simple modeling, splicing and decoration design, combined with the illumination of ceiling lamp, fully shows the three-dimensional texture of resin decorative panel, making the elevator space more high-grade atmosphere.


      Resin decorative panel is used in the corridor of the club to match with the portraits of fashionable women to create a noble and elegant atmosphere.


      The background wall and ceiling decorated with resin decorative panel, combined with yellow and white lights, make the club leisure area more warm and comfortable, and present a relaxed but not heavy space atmosphere.


      Resin decorative panel can also be used as decorative wall alone, with simple and natural texture to create a distinctive decorative style.


      Dehao resin board, a manufacturer specializing in the production of decorative materials for 21 years, has strong production strength, novel products and rich colors, and undertakes the customized services of major hotels, clubs, shopping malls and KTV projects. Welcome to inquire and negotiate.

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