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    How to maintain the ecological resin board regularly?

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      Ecological resin board is a new type of environmental protection decorative board, which is made of resin by high temperature lamination process. It has the characteristics of flame retardant, sound insulation, impact resistance, yellowing resistance, deformation resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high surface hardness, and can be shaped at will.



    At present, more and more owners use ecological resin board, which gradually replaces the traditional decorative wallboard, and can also be used for home veneer decoration, making the overall interior decoration style more high-end atmosphere. After being used for a period of time, the stains on the ecological resin board decorated on the wall will not only pollute the wax film on the surface of the resin board, but also penetrate into the interior of the resin board, making the wax of the resin board yellow and affecting the cleanliness of the resin board. So the ecological resin board should be maintained regularly. How to maintain it? Let's get to know!

    1. Clean the surface of resin board with dust push or vacuum cleaner.

    2. The special paraffin remover for resin board wax was diluted with warm water.

    3. The special cleaning machine is used to coordinate with the corresponding type of cleaning grinding plate for bottom speed grinding and cleaning.

    4. The sewage on the resin board is sucked clean, and then the resin board is cleaned with clean water, and then the sewage is sucked dry again.

    5. After the resin board is dried, apply the special wax for resin board evenly with the special wax mop.

    6. It is recommended to apply it more than twice in places with large flow of people. After the first wax is fully dried, the second wax is added.

    7. After waxing, the resin board should be fully dried before use. Do not step on the resin board before air drying.

    8. The resin board can be waxed regularly according to different occasions


      If you want to keep the beautiful surface of the ecological resin board, you need to maintain the ecological resin board regularly, so as to prolong its service life. If you are choosing decoration materials, do not prevent to understand the ecological resin board, Dehao hundred texture resin board for you to choose, there is always one can meet your needs.

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